dynamic panel widgets in axure 9

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      Main Toolbar and Style Toolbar: Perform common actions like arranging widgets,   styling widgets, and publishing. Change the cursor tool between selection modes, connector mode, and drawing tools. Canvas: Lay out widgets on this drag-and-drop environment. You can change its color and dimensions, add a grid and guides, and toggle the visibility of the rulers. Pages: Add, remove, rename, and organize the pages in your file. Outline: View a searchable, sortable, and filterable list of all widgets, masters, and dynamic panels on the current diagram. Libraries: Resource for widgets such as buttons, images, text and shapes. Drag the widgets from the Libraries pane and drop them onto the canvas. Via the Libraries pane you can switch between libraries of widgets, load additional libraries, and create your own custom libraries. You can also load folders of images from a local drive. Masters: Add, remove, rename and organize masters — centrally managed sets of widgets that you can re

Axure RP 9

Axure RP Axure RP is rapid prototyping tool for enterprise UX designers and digital teams. You can view interactive prototype in your web browser. it converts prototype to HTML output as (HTML,CSS,Javascript & image files). you can share your prototypes to publish in Axure Share cloud. To View file in your browser install extension for web browser. Axure RP allows multiple designers to simultaneously collaborate on a single document. As well as they can give feedback and comments in same page. Axure RP 9 features:- Axure Share (Publishing platform) Inspecting Your Designs on Axure Cloud On-screen comments and feedback   Automatic red lines and design specs HTML file generate (Publish Locally) Team Projects (collaborate on a single document) The Axure Cloud Mobile App (ios & Android) Axure Cloud Workspace Advanced Interactions:-   Repeater   Adaptive Views   Documenting your prototype   Flow diagrams   Master file concepts   widgets   Library   Iframe (which supports video,audio